At the gates of the Sierra Gorda

Tzibanzá, the island of Cadereyta de Montes

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Each cabin offers a view towards the dam, with the reflection of the sun falling on the crystalline stretches of water and land, a landscape that inspires

The paradise you did not expect

Find peace and quiet an hour and a half from Querétaro

The dream of many people: to go to a desert island, where nobody bothers you, without a telephone signal and only a glass of wine in hand, ah, but with food. Just one hour and thirty minutes from Querétaro, the island of Tzibanzá appears as an ecotourism offer in Cadereyta de Montes that offers the perfect and safe isolation for travelers who need to get away for a few days from the urban world. Perfect for a few days off, this camp aims to awaken the senses.

However, the island maintains a certain halo of exclusivity, since only 12 cabins have been built in the middle of Lake Tzibanzá. There are only 300 people who live in the town, who have formed a cooperative in order to generate an income for the community, enable the island and create an ecotourism offer that invites travelers to get to know more rarely explored corners. From queretaro.

Escape the urban environment on a peaceful island

An unrivaled view

At the gates of the Sierra Gorda, each cabin in Tzibanzá offers a view towards the dam with the reflection of the sun falling on the crystalline stretches of water and land, an inspiring landscape. After the strong blow received by the rains that hit the state of Querétaro, the island and its inhabitants, based on a lot of work, managed to reposition tourism and the route that traces to Tzibanzá: today, to camp, you have to book with a month in advance.

And of course, not everything is calm. If you are looking for adventure, you will. The Tzibanzá ecotourism camp has different activities, from kayaking, boat trips, sport fishing, to cycling on the lake.

Light a bonfire and watch the starry night

An open space for few people

When renting a cabin (you enter at 2:00 p.m. and leave at 12:00 the next day) you will have the right to breakfast, lunch and dinner, a homemade menu that offers the gastronomy of the place, from sopes, pasta, milanesas, chicken , flavored water and sauces of all kinds. On the island there is a pool and the cabins are equipped for four people with two double beds each, a full bathroom, towels and bedspreads.

The landscape at night will be totally different from what you are used to in the city, since you can light a bonfire and look at the starry night, without any type of external lighting that obstructs the view. Of course, you must consider the cold when the sun goes down, because, in addition to being surrounded by water, the island is nestled between the huge hills that welcome the Sierra Gorda in Queretana


La Isla 115, 76547 Tzibantzá, Qro.

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