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Querétaro surprises us every time and from now on its renewed image will take us to travel like never before.


Querétaro is renewed to offer you a new look at all its destinations with a new design, inspired by the traditions and culture of Querétaro, but with the characteristic audacity of every traveler.


Querétaro is synonymous with adventure, synonymous with gastronomy, culture and living traditions. Querétaro seeks to inspire you to find a new experience in each of its regions, find the adrenaline, the dreams that evoke the fantastic landscapes of the Sierra Gorda; find an explosive fusion of flavors, the best laughs, the happy blushes between the sweetness of the wine, unique combinations that occur in the semi-desert and beyond. In Querétaro you find ideas, talents, dialogues with history, with art; In Querétaro you find the secrets of the ancestors walking through the forests and fields of the south of the state, traditions to understand and share. In Querétaro you find everything, you find Mexico.

This new essence, this badge is designed so that we can all appropriate its design, its colors and make them our own.

If you want to download this badge and its applications to upload it to your social networks, use it in your business or share it with your family, you will find everything you need at this link where you can download the logo, typography and other graphic elements: I'll pass you the URL with the manual of the new brand: https://tinyurl.com/manualQro


Querétaro is renewed to offer you a new look at all its destinations with a new design, inspired by the traditions and culture of Querétaro, but with the characteristic audacity of every traveler. Just visit and explore www.queretaro.travel, the same address with a new face, where you will find a digital experience that is the seed of new experiences.


Browse and find Querétaro where business opportunities and the best places for your meetings go hand in hand with the strategic advantages that the state has, but also where you will find endless options to live your romance like nowhere else. On this new website you are one click away from finding the easiest route to live a new experience in Querétaro, from how to get to Querétaro and be aware of current measures, to finding possible destinations and experiences, and that you can book from the same portal.



The 4 regions of Queretaro

From North to South, four ways to understand the variety of attractions of the polysemic state


Explore the 4 different regions that Querétaro has, all of them with a unique and characteristic value that will allow you to recognize the riches of the state. La Sierra Gorda and its natural treasures like nowhere else in the state; browse the Creative Metropolis and find a great city where art and culture surprise in every corner of its museums, architectural details and historical sites; enter the region of Semi-desertto discover the lands where the flavor and mystical places make up an exotic landscape for all the senses, just as the south of the state has been transformed into an area where the natural beauty of its Forests and fields are green with ancestral traditions.

Explore the Destinationssection to find the main attractions of the state, from its Magical Towns, natural wonders and world heritage sites, to the different haciendas and places that have made the Art, Cheese and Wine Route a benchmark in Querétaro and in Mexico. .

And if you are a traveler who knows what you are looking for, in the Experiencessection you will find the most specific topics and recommendations to make your trip through Querétaro the one you always dreamed of: simple and practical to prepare your itinerary and let yourself be led to meet new stories.


We renew ourselves to make digital tourism a step prior to your sensory experience.

Tips, testimonials, an interactive map and even possibilities to book from a single place.

Enter, explore and share this new face of Querétaro, where you will not only find destinations, but the best of Mexico.

In Queretaro...











Paseo de las Artes 1531-B, Josefa Vergara, 76090 Santiago de Querétaro, Qro.
442 238 5000

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In Querétaro I found Mexico

A new image of our official site to inspire you and find yourself in, with and within a new tourist destination in Mexico

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