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The Sierra Gorda has so many treasures that it will take several visits to discover them all. From the majestic views offered by the Mirador de Cuatro Palos or the Sótano del Barro, its dazzling biodiversity, to the typical gastronomy of the mountain municipalities, at every step there is something different to discover.

The Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve is one of the great lungs of Mexico, located in the center of the country. An important part of this reserve is located in Querétaro, this area being the most valuable in the state in terms of ecosystems.

Home to the most impressive natural wonders of Querétaro, such as the Puente de Dios in Río Escanela or the Chuveje Waterfall, the Sierra Gorda is the ideal environment for adventure or living a sustainable tourism.

Get to know 5 must-sees in the Sierra Gorda!

When we talk about biodiversity, we cannot help but think of the Querétaro mountains, a region rich in nature, where people take advantage of the resource that the land offers, converting it into ecotourism activities.

The Sierra Gorda covers 32% of the Querétaro territory and contemplates diverse ecosystems that range from cloud forests to xeric scrub, highlighting its natural beauty.

To better introduce you to this region and its great tourism potential, we have compiled five unique places that will get you to know the best of the Sierra Gorda.

Los Herrera Grottoes in San Joaquín

In the magical town of San Joaquín, there is an interesting and majestic grotto hidden among the vegetation. This cavity in the earth houses formations of stalactites and stalagmites thousands of years old, which, in a play of shadows, artificial lights and creativity, show interesting figures on their surfaces.

In addition to the tour of this fascinating natural area, the space where these caves are located is suitable for family enjoyment, with green areas, swings, and craft stores, where you cannot leave without a souvenir of your visit.

Las Adjuntas in Arroyo Seco

Las Adjuntas are the meeting point of two mountain rivers that do not mix due to the difference in temperatures: the Santa María and the Ayutla River, which give the visitor a space for recreation and family coexistence with water as the protagonist.

Although the place incites to spending a relaxing time with the family, ecotourism experiences await to take advantage of; one of them is to explore the Santa María River by kayak, an activity possible under the expert guidance of Sierra Río Aventuras, where you will have fun avoiding category 1 rapids and enjoying landscapes that you would not otherwise be able to admire.

Cañon del Paraiso in Peñamiller

Probably the most arid area of ​​the Sierra Gorda is in Peñamiller, between reddish mountains and cacti, where a crystalline oasis awaits where the Extoraz River runs, flanked by high rock walls and unmatched stillness.

El Cañon del Paraiso is the reward after a long walk and relentless sun, ideal for camping, swimming, and getting away from the routine.

Near the place, you can enjoy the local food that the communities prepare with regional elements and enjoy a more conventional rest at the El Oasis spa-hotel. Altogether, an ideal visit for a weekend of exercise and peace.


Río Adentro Cave in Jalpan de Serra

Jalpan de Serra, magical town and heart of the Sierra is the starting point for many adventures in the area, and the town with the largest number of services of all kinds for travelers.

Beyond its colorful and quiet center, it also stands out for the diversity of natural activities. For example, exploring caves, more specifically Cueva Río Adentro, well-known among locals, but a real discovery for tourists. To explore it is to immerse yourself in the bowels of the earth, sharpen your senses and use your entire body to make your way into its depths.

El Cedral in Pinal de Amoles

A not so popular place in this magical town, however, has been transformed to give you an experience of great contact with nature. In addition to camping spaces and a viewpoint, there is an extensive forest and trails enabled for walking and descending to a waterfall.

At the top of this waterfall, pools of water provide shelter to the highland axolotl. These small amphibians indicate with their presence the health of the ecosystem. You will be able to observe them after accustoming your eyes to the leaf litter and the reflections of the water, but under no circumstances touch them, since their survival is fragile.

It is of utmost importance to preserve the nature of these destinations, so we recommend that you go to them responsibly, hiring certified guides to accompany you on the adventure, and respecting the regulations of the host communities.

Visiting our state is a delight, let’s keep it clean and healthy.

Ayutla River and the Concá Births

Ayutla, in the municipality of Arroyo Seco, has incredible natural landscapes that we must all discover and enjoy at some time. As you enter the town you can explore the river and find the Ayutla Births: natural pools of turquoise water and vegetation that frames the natural spectacle. Perfect for hiking, swimming in its waters, tasting its delicious cuisine and spending a day enjoying the riverside.

Do conservation tourism the forests of El Cedral

If you are looking for a trip that aims to carry out recreational activities in direct contact with nature, El Cedral, in Pinal de Amoles, is the option. Descend through the forest one kilometer until you reach the waterfall, while you appreciate the imposing height of the trees and a landscape taken like a movie. Get to know, respect, enjoy and participate in the conservation of the natural resources that the Sierra Gorda keeps for you.



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