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Where modern Querétaro converges with the best treasures of its viceregal heritage. One of the most important cities in the country for its avant-garde infrastructure and its economic development, but that embraces its past and shows it proudly to the world.

It starts from the heart of Querétaro, its Historic Center, cradle of the Independence of Mexico and which since 1996 has been a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Get to know its walkways, its mansions, its museums, its churches. Relive its history as you walk its cobbled streets.

And don't miss out on what this city of progress has in store for you. Restaurants and bars to enjoy, the best hotels in the region, shopping centers and entertainment spaces for all ages; in Querétaro live the present while its glorious past accompanies you and you look towards its luminous future.

5 activities you should do in downtown Queretaro

The heart of Queretaro vibrates with the people´s energy and the nostalgia of its old buildings. The city is an admirable destination, with its beautiful Arches and unique sunsets, with the music that enlivens the Zenea Garden, or the Lele dolls that appear on the pedestrian traffic lights.

The city surprises with something new on every visit, which is why we recommend five unmissable activities on your trip through the wonderful City Historic Center.

Visit Queretaro Regional Museum 

On your visit to the city of Queretaro, you cannot miss visiting a museum, and the Regional Museum is probably one of the most popular in the city, with information and well-designed spaces showing the history of the state and the country.

Join a journey to Queretaro’s past, through its permanent exhibition rooms, from the pre-Hispanic era to after the viceroyalty. In yesteryear, this place was a convent, so today it preserves the architecture of the time.

In its collection you will find archaeological pieces, works of art, as well as furniture, clothing, weapons, photographs, and documents that evoke the passage of time. Needless to mention, it is also a beautiful place for photographs.



Food at Casa Concheros “Queretana Cuisine”

Recently opened, Casa Concheros seeks to rescue and publicize traditional food from different municipalities of the state, with an original and contemporary proposal.

Not only do they promote original recipes, but they add their own touch to the delight of diners. Their menu cannot miss foods such as chickpea in yellow, which is common in Toliman, especially served as a dish in their religious festivities, or goat tapeado, a stew belonging to Peñamiller, with a complex preparation process.

Visitng Casa Concheros is getting closer to the culture and traditions of other municipalities in our state.

Get to know the Planetarium

The “Pendulo” Planetarium and Immersion Room, located in the Manuel Gomez Morín Educational and Cultural Center, is a space dedicated to science and knowledge of the cosmos, immersed in the world of astronomy through impressive projections in the dome of the museum, and virtual reality rooms.

As time goes by, projections on the dome are expected to constantly change, from scientific films to live reproductions of astronomical events, such as eclipses. There is no doubt that it is a place apt for living as a family and learning something new.

City tour

You never finish getting to know your city, however, that doesn’t mean we stop trying. If you want to know more about the history of Queretaro, its squares, streets, and Arches – as well as the legend behind its origin -, we recommend a tram tour, with Querebus, that have several routes to see iconic and relevant places in the city history.

Now, if myths and scary stories are your thing, there’s nothing like a nocturnal pedestrian tour with the characters from Night of Legends. through the city alleys and mansions where mysterious events took place.

Cocktails at The Carter Bar

Inside the iconic Hacienda Laborcilla restaurant, The Carter Bar opens, an intimate place surrounded by sculptures, art, books, and music, where the atmosphere transports you to another era.

Due to its unique style, varied cocktails and delicious food, this bar is the ideal space for a romantic dinner, or a get-together with friends and it is perfect to close your visit to the city with a flourish.

What are you waiting for to get to know Queretaro!

Pyramids in Querétaro?

Did you think that only the Aztecs and the Mayans built pyramids? You have to know the El Cerrito Archaeological Zone! Located in the municipality of Corregidora, it is made up of the Altar of Skulls, the Plaza de la Esculturas, the Pyramid, the Plaza de la Danza and the Altar de las Obsidianas. Come on an empty stomach, because El Pueblito has delicious options to eat.

Beer or coffee to visit the Historic Center? The 5 venues to rehydrate you

Walking at night in the streets and walkways of the Historic Center is an inexhaustible experience. As many times as you want, you will always have something new to add. If you want to end the tour with the magic of a good coffee or a refreshing beer, these are some venues where you can stop.



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Hacienda Lagunillas

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Pirámide El Cerrito

Localizada en el Pueblito, Corregidora, la Pirámide de El Gran Cué es la pirámide más grande de la zona Bajío del país, con 30 metros de altura.

Cervecería Hércules

Vive la cultura cevezera como en ningún otro lugar de Querétaro lo harás. Disfruta del tradicional barrio de Hércules y su fábrica de cerveza, un sitio con magia, cultura y muy buena gastronomía.

Callejoneadas Queretanas

Baile y diversión, por las calles y callejones de las bellas ciudades de Querétaro.

Queretaro Art Museum

Get to know one of the most recognized New Spain jewels in all of Latin America: the Baroque Patio. The select art collection of the Querétaro Art Museum is housed in this place.

Carola Terrace

Carola Terraza is a restaurant that makes an effort to seat friends, families, couples at the table and offer them a bite of normalcy in the heart of Querétaro.

Your dream wedding at Hacienda La Solariega

Hacienda La Solariega is the ideal setting for the wedding of your dreams. Get to know one of its two spaces for events, fall in love with contact with nature and captivate your guests.

Meet again in the temazcales of Querétaro

The temazcal is a relaxing, anti-stress and traditional steam bath. If you are looking for a place to meet again and get out of the routine, discover the options that Querétaro has for you and enjoy a bath like an Aztec king.

The dance of the shepherdesses in Amealco de Bonfil

In the community of San Ildefonso an Otomi dance is preserved that pays tribute to its Patron Saint. The shepherdesses dance and wear their typical costumes, while the popular festival is colorful, proud and respectful of its traditions. Get to know the dance of the shepherdesses in Amealco de Bonfil

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