Come eat and drink at the home of Bernal Valley wine

San Juanito, an award-winning vineyard around the world

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Spend a pleasant time in the company of family and friends in San Juanito, a world-class award-winning vineyard in Queretaro.

The history of San Juanito dates back to 2011; however, it was consolidated in 2013, when the vineyard located in the Bernal Valley began to win its first international awards in Spain and England (Bacchus Oro y Plata 2015 and Decanter 2015), something unusual in newly established vineyards.

San Juanito is located almost 2 thousand meters above sea level and enjoys a spectacular view of the Peña de Bernal. In that land, the combination of climatic and geomorphological factors, together with the care and passion put into it by its winegrowers, generate magic in the production of Queretaro wines.

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The San Juanito quality seal supports hand-by-hand controlled production to obtain the best result from storage in the barrel. But it's not just that, the amenity, the generosity of the land, the food, the pizzas, the conversation, and the place are the equation for a perfect afternoon, in the midst of barrels, sunsets and drinks, the hours in San Juanito fly by.

It is worth highlighting the importance of quality standards, San Juanito takes what the land offers and establishes criteria for the selection of the best grapes. With the first two harvests in its history, it managed to obtain 19 international awards, among which the “Mexican Malbec Winery of the Year” stands out, awarded by the New York International Wine Competition.

Now San Juanito is an open-door vineyard, with guided tours by sommelier Benjamín Espinoza, with tours of the winery and cellar to learn the production process.

Being the wine of the Bernal Valley is no small feat. Without a doubt, San Juanito is a must-see destination on the ArtCheese, and Wine Route, which enhances Queretaro as one of the best places on the continent to produce quality wine, on a par with Mendoza, Argentina; Aconcagua, Chile; or the state of Baja California, in Mexico.



Camino a San Juan SN, 76791 San José de la Laja, Qro.
55 5004 7300

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