A forest in the heart of the Sierra Gorda

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El Cedral is a territory that defines the biodiversity of the Sierra Gorda; You can swing to reach the sky, climb to a viewpoint in the middle of the hill's ledge, descend through the forest and reach the imposing 40-meter drop of the waterfall.

Through that small hidden curve we begin the descent towards El Cedral. We could have continued the trip without deviations, arriving -for example- in Jalpan de Serra in less than 30 minutes; However, Lorenzo, director of tourism in the Municipality of Pinal de Amoles, insisted that we should visit El Cedral, a natural site little explored by tourism, but which includes a fascinating day of activities to be carried out in a landscape taken from the best British series and that implies a bit of the sacrifice of the traveler, the one that Aldous Huxley spoke of: travel as a vice, imperative, requires time, energy and putting comfort aside.

El Cedral is a territory that defines the biodiversity of the Sierra Gorda, you can swing to reach the sky, climb a viewpoint in the middle of the ledge of the hill, descend through the forest and reach the imposing 40-meter fall of the waterfall and Above all, contribute to conservation tourism, be in direct contact with nature and axolotls, those friendly Mexican amphibians that are currently in critical danger of extinction.

Tourism and nature conservation have been in constant dialogue for some time. If we separate both concepts, we could fall into the worst of commonplaces: trips that leave nothing behind. The vision of nature is expressed in the historical witnesses that explain it: cinema, poetry, literature. All the narrative elements agree that nature appears wild, rock-like, inspiring fears and uncertainties that overwhelm our comfort; However, over the years tourism has contributed to changing perceptions.

Nature has become a value in itself, where desire intervenes, the mystery of immersing yourself in it and knowing it, exploring it, visiting it and respecting it is now the essence of all conservation tourism: if you are hand in hand with it, more You will love it, the more you will care for it and the more you will do to preserve it.

It is then that El Cedral, about 30 minutes from the municipal seat of Pinal de Amoles, becomes a site of elemental value for the Sierra Gorda, not only for the presence of its axolotls, but for the experience that breathing among its trees, walk through its mist and descend - almost a kilometer - to its waterfall, without losing sight of the care, under the guided tour, of the importance of the lung that the Sierra Gorda represents for Querétaro.

This forest has a camp where you can rent a cabin, camp in the middle of the forest or carry out ecotourism activities organized by the locals, so you can also support the local economy while making sure you travel through it safely for yourself, and in harmony with the environment.

El Cedral is a captivating place that to visit you will need to have a whole day, a desire to walk and a camera to capture the splendid natural landscapes that lie ahead.


Calle sin número, 76300 Pinal de Amoles, Qro
441 276 8838

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