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At the foot of the Querétaro Aqueduct, Banal Cocina Franca is a Grill and Oyster Bar that you cannot miss.

Banality is a concept that is usually associated with the superficial, the trivial, that which lacks substance; Those who seek to transcend normally spend their lives fleeing the banal, but they could not be more wrong. In an increasingly busy world, with an environment overdosed with information, in which we are exposed to thousands of immediate impulses that seek to steal our attention second by second, the possibility of finding calm and tranquility is much more complex.

It is then when the banality acquires another meaning. It is about shedding the artifice of appearance, the trick of the baroque to give way to the subtle. To regain appreciation for the delicate in the world around us, we all need a Banal corner.

In Querétaro, this space is located in Bernardo Quintana 23, at the foot of the majestic Aqueduct, a historical construction and symbol of the city, which adorns the view of one of the most representative buildings of modern Querétaro. Banal Cocina Franca welcomes you with a frontal view of its wonderful architecture, delicate and elegant as its very concept, and which has been recognized by Architectural Digest and the Interceramic Award for Architecture and Interior Design.

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Inside, it offers a terrace with natural ventilation perfect for a quiet and carefree afternoon, as well as a more intimate space, adorned by dim lighting, and flanked on one side by a hypnotic cocktail bar full of vertical lines that give it a majestic view, and on the other a cold bar that exposes the freshness of its selection of clams and oysters.

Armando Ortiz, General Manager of Grupo Franco, recognizes that simplicity is the fundamental concept that surrounds the gastronomic offer of his group, without implying that quality is compromised. At Banal, whose doors have been open to the public since December 2019, the important thing is the flavors, the sensations and, finally, the global experience offered by a place that invites you to abandon all worries to give yourself the opportunity to enjoy the essence of life. : the warmth of the company of those we appreciate.

“Don't worry about what is happening outside, about the image you want to pretend outside. Come here and be banal, be you. We want people to come here to have fun and not worry, to be themselves”, she says.

New York Brooklyn Style with Butter and Roasted Garlic

Banal Cocina Franca is a grill and Oyster Bar where you can enjoy everything from a cold tray with kumamoto and kumiai oysters, chocolate clams and peelable shrimp, to a Brooklyn-style New York with butter and roasted garlic. Raw or on fire, what circulates its gastronomic offer is the subtlety of its dishes, far from artifice and based on the essence of its taste.

To accompany the palate, the cocktail offer, with an important presence of gins and mezcal, offers a mixture of traditional drinks and the best of Dayron's creativity, responsible for the group's mixology and who is worth putting into action to create new combinations that lubricate a night surrounded by friends.

In Banal you can also find a fine selection of fish, ceviches inspired by the best Mexican, Peruvian and Japanese cuisine, essential bartenders with the touch of the house, and even the classic entrepanes of Franco, sister restaurant. The options are almost endless when it comes to enjoying life through food.

If you are looking for a place to get rid of the burdens of everyday life, where you can take off your masks and appreciate life from the beauty of light, and resignify the concept of banality, you should visit Banal Cocina Franca.


Blvd. Bernardo Quintana 23, Pathe, 76020 Santiago de Querétaro, Qro.
442 240 0919

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