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At Rancho Calixto, the relationship between humans and nature is one of total harmony. This Wildlife Conservation Management Unit is a perfect example that we can enjoy what the earth gives us without damaging it.

Visiting natural spaces can be a way to distract ourselves from everyday life, get away from the city and relax our bodies and our emotions. Who does not feel good, from time to time, breathing fresh air in the middle of the forest? The bad thing is that many times we lack the necessary culture to minimize our impact on the environment and although these experiences can be liberating for us, they end up being negative but the nature that we appreciate so much.

Rancho Calixto, in the Magical Town of Amealco de Bonfil, is a natural space managed in a harmonious way in which human action focuses on improving environmental conditions while offering tourist services that will allow you to disperse your mind and appreciate one of the most beautiful corners beautiful of Querétaro, right in the region of the Bosques y Campos del Sur.

Just over 10 minutes from the municipal seat of Amealco de Bonfil, Rancho Calixto consists of 80 hectares of open forest on the Chiteje de la Cruz hill, and through sustainable tourism and biorational tomato-grape agriculture, finances activities of conservation.

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One of its most important programs is the conservation of the white-tailed deer, a species that has historically occupied this area of ​​Querétaro but that in recent years has seen its population greatly reduced, especially due to human intervention in its habitat. That is why at Rancho Calixto important efforts are directed to ensure their conservation in an open corral where these animals can lead a peaceful and natural life without risks.

This white-tailed deer conservation program also has its reward for visitors to the ranch, since every day in the morning it is possible to enter in the company of their keepers and observe them up close in their home. Although deer are very shy and do not like to have contact with humans, if you are respectful and follow the instructions of their keepers, they will get close enough to take photographs. It is also possible to feed them, as it is allowed to place food in specific spaces so that they can approach once people have moved a few meters away. It is a simple but stimulating experience that connects with nature.

Rancho Calixto has two types of stays: cabins or camping. As for cabins, there are various options that vary especially in size to accommodate from a couple to groups of around 20 people. They have all the necessary comforts to have a stay very similar to what you would have in any house in the city, with the difference that the landscape that you can see in their windows is completely natural, full of trees and with the meadows of Chiteje de la Cross on the horizon.

If what you are looking for is an immersive experience in nature, it is best to choose to camp in its designated area, an open meadow in the middle of the hill with a formation of ancient trees around it. A few meters away there are community bathrooms in front of one of the boards, and it is completely safe, since it is located in the middle of the ranch, with the constant presence of its personnel ready to act in case any eventuality arises.

If you don't want to spend the night there but want to get to know the ranch and appreciate nature for a few hours, every weekend in its main palapa a buffet grill is served with select cuts and typical dishes from the region. The view from the palapa is simply spectacular, you can see a good part of the Amealco de Bonfil valley on the horizon, and the food is not to be missed. For a very competitive price, both ranch guests and anyone who wants to get away from the city can come on Saturdays and Sundays. It doesn't hurt to check availability in advance, so as not to turn around in vain.

Rancho Calixto is a place that you should know because not only will you get a wonderful reward by getting to know the Forests and Fields of the South of Querétaro, but also your visit and the consumption of its tourist products, all without exception with an eco-responsible vision, will help conserve one of the lungs of the entity and to develop the economy of people who dedicate their lives to nature.


Carretera a Chitejé de la Cruz s/n 76850 Amealco, Querétaro Arteaga, Mexico
448 111 1290

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