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Tourism must be a harmonious relationship between people and the environment, with a mutual benefit that allows the development and growth of both. From the hand of Clemente Obregón, tourism and nature create a perfect symbiosis.

Clemente Obregón lives in a beautiful cabin that harmonizes perfectly with the majestic trees that surround him on the Chiteje de la Cruz hill, in Amealco de Bonfil, in the heart of the Bosques y Campos del Sur region of Querétaro. In front of his house he has technified and biorationally supervised nurseries in which he produces grape tomatoes for export. And behind it it has a huge forest with cabins for rent, camping areas and a vast natural environment that offers dream landscapes for its visitors.

For Clemente, all these elements coexist harmoniously to develop Rancho Calixto, a sign that tourism does not have to take away and on the contrary, it can be the engine for environmental conservation that is a gift to all of us, since areas such as Chiteje de la Cruz serves as a lung for urban environments. Even if you haven't visited Rancho Calixto, Clemente's work benefits you because it creates a more sustainable world for everyone.

Most of the resources generated by Rancho Calixto are used for its own conservation, which creates a virtuous circle. Unlike other natural spaces that are affected by human presence, Clemente has created a system in which visitors get a dream experience while leaving an economic spill for the benefit of the inhabitants of the region, mostly devoted to the care of the forest, which is their home.

One of the best conservation projects carried out in Rancho Calixto is to protect the white-tailed deer, a species that has inhabited the area since millennia but, unfortunately, began to suffer in its habitat due to the action of man. Now they have a special area in which they are sheltered. For Clemente it is important that the visitors of Rancho Calixto live with the deer because it generates a sense of environmental responsibility and makes them active participants in its preservation. Clemente Obregón's work allows tourists to enjoy a wonderful natural environment with the certainty that his presence contributes to the construction of a better world.



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