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Dodo Cafe Cocktail Bar

In one of the most traditional streets of the Historic Center of Querétaro there is a cafe with a peculiar intention. Dodo Café seeks to revive the tradition of the old neighborhood bars, where customers came to chat with the bartender and be pampered with a good drink. Its name symbolizes the resistance of a species that has become extinct, just as this place pretends to be an island in the midst of the normality of the new and everyday, a tribute to the bars that no longer exist. The wood of its bar gives it a homey touch and the attention of its staff reaffirms it. Dodo Café has great music, great drinks, loyal customers, and a name to remember.


Carranza #39, Colonia Centro, Querétaro, México


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Carranza #39, Colonia Centro, Querétaro, México


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