Three corners that you cannot miss

The best of pulque queretano

Drinking good pulque in Querétaro is not difficult, and where there is pulque there will be music, conversations and more and more socio-cultural projects around it.

A pre-Hispanic drink

Connect with the roots of Mexican culture

"Tasty white liquor, that removes all the penalties, your own and those of others, do not deny me your taste", is the beginning of an old saying about pulque, a pre-Hispanic alcoholic drink, white and thick, from the Mexican highlands, which is obtained after fermenting the mead or juice extracted from the maguey with the acocote.

Pulque has once again taken flight among the youth and maintains the tradition in the old pulcatas that we can still find in the capital of Queretaro and surrounding municipalities. Drinking good pulque in Querétaro is not difficult, where there is pulque there will be music, conversations and more and more socio-cultural projects around it.

Visit the traditional cantinas of Querétaro

Enjoy its variety of pulques

A meeting space in Querétaro is the red rooster (San Roque #100 corner with Felipe Ángeles), a space where cultural events are frequently organized, mainly related to literature, such as poetry readings, chronicle meetings, book presentations and visual arts exhibitions, in addition to drinking good pulque, natural and cured.

Another traditional pulqueria in Querétaro is El Borrego (Plan of Ayala Ote. 48, Linda Vista). Attended by the brothers Aurelio and Napoleón Ramírez since the 1960s, El Borrego as a space is already an experience, with its extensive tiled bar in pastel colors, the lounge and the consoles, set a scene taken from another era, in the that the years have not passed and where the pulque should be drunk natural and in a clay vase. The amenity and good vibes of the people behind the bar stand out, because with Aurelio and Napoleon you can have extensive and friendly talks.

The Sheep

A traditional pulqueria open since the 60's

Taste the pulque of Amealco de Bonfil

Natural or cured, you choose

The proverb quoted at the beginning says that "Going to Apan (Hidalgo) and not tasting pulque is like going to Glory and not seeing God." This phrase is perfectly applicable to Amealco de Bonfil and his pulque tradition. Cold land and magueyes, for the Amealcenses, pulque has gained ground over beer, the reason? Cold. And it is that with a good drink it is enough to warm the stomach and walk in a cool climate.

In Don Tono (Pino Suárez 37) know it, their pulquería -open for 50 years- offers a delicious natural and cured pulque, perfect to accompany the wooded and baroque area of Amealco. The jukebox and its patio invite you to stay and talk for hours and hours, in a unique space where visitors and people from Almeac come together who are proud of their land, their customs, their gastronomy and their pulque.



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