Cabanas el Sombrerete
Cabañas el Sombrerete
Paradise Canyon
Cañon del Paraíso


The municipality is recognized for its cacti. It offers a town that integrates so well with the landscape that it seems like an extension of it. The streets are the same color as the earth of the mountains that surround it and the dome of the small temple towers over the area.

It has natural tourist attractions that are ideal for walks, such as the walnut orchards or the Extoraz River. You can swim in the Balneario el Oasis, located 23 km from the Municipal Head. This place is surrounded by huge mountains that invite you to climb them with their more than 500 meters high and observe the red sunset reflected in the Cerro de La Virgen rock.

The Paradise Canyon is only 10 meters wide. The black marble slopes stand out along its 700 meters through which the waters of the Extoraz River flow. In this place you can practice rappelling, in addition to visiting the La Guayaba Spring.

The petroglyphs and petroglyphs are some of the natural attractions that are there.


Plaza Principal s/n, Col. Centro. Peñamiller, Qro.
(441) 2966052


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Plaza Principal s/n, Col. Centro. Peñamiller, Qro.


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