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Árbol Milenario
Misión Conca

dry Creek

It is part of the Pánuco river basin. The Concá River, a tributary of the Santa María River, crosses the south of the municipality. The northern part is the least humid, however it is the closest to the Verde River. In total, the territory has more than one hundred water uses.

In the Municipal Head, they are dedicated to the elaboration of saddles, attractive leather quarters, small barrels and wooden barrels made with juniper to achieve water retention. The most important festival in the municipality is the festival of San Miguel Arcángel, celebrated on September 29. It includes a program of activities in which the protagonist is the visitor: festivals and crafts.

Gastronomy in Arroyo Seco promises to delight your palate with its traditional enchiladas serranas with cured meat or with its lamb barbecue covered with maguey leaves. For dessert, we recommend the chancaquilla, a typical piloncillo sweet with pumpkin seeds. And to drink, pulque, maguey honey or tile corn atole.




Plaza Principal s/n, Col. Centro. Arroyo Seco, Qro.
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Plaza Principal s/n, Col. Centro. Arroyo Seco, Qro.


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