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Barbarian Field Spit

Eating is a much more special experience when cooking over a fire. There is a hypnotic component in the tongues of fire that protrude from an earth oven that, for 12 hours, softens pork meat for a different barbecue, or smokes tomatoes for 6 hours from their own garden that will become the best soup you will ever have. Eaten. Come to Bárbaro Asador de Campo, get to know its open stoves and vibrate with the sensations of the heat of burning logs with the subtle landscape of its vineyard and the aromas that its Tasty Wines and Liquors of Mexico distillery gives off.


Rancho el Oporto S/N, 76247 Qro.
446 107 6405


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Rancho el Oporto S/N, 76247 Qro.


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