Constitution Square

Constitution Square

Stepped and uneven square surrounded by beautiful arches or portals where you can rest on one of its benches. In 1820 with the arrival of a group of Spaniards and French who came to exploit the timber industry, the first urban layout of Amealco took place. Founding a street approximately of 220 meters in length, which they called Calle Real, today Hidalgo Street.

In one of the portals of the square, today the grocey store “Ciudad de Mexico”, was born in 1865, its Excellency Don Leopoldo Ruiz y Flores, Bishop of León and Monterrey, Archbishop of Michoacán and first Apostolic Delegate of Mexico.

In 2018 Amealco received two important recognitions. Their traditional dolls, Donxu and Lele, become Cultural Heritage of the State of Querétaro, and in front of the parish a pair made of bronze of the dolls made in Santiago Mexquititlán is placed. That same year it was named Magical Town and in one of the columns of the Municipal Building we can admire that recognition.



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