Candy Museum

Candy Museum

The traditional candies from the town of Bernal are the reason for this museum. The museography offers the history and tradition of the region's candies, as well as the production processes. The visiting public learns how 30 years ago Don Julio Rodríguez, with a little goat's milk, amaranth and sesame, made the delicious custard, which gave rise to a great variety of candies, such as ates, wafers, milk and water gummies and macaroni. Within the facilities there is a replica of typical Mexican cuisine. In the second part of the tour, the theme of the fusion of pre-Hispanic cuisine with European cuisine is touched upon. In the same way, information is offered on the recipes of the nuns and candies from Africa and the Caribbean. Finally, in the last section, you can see through a glass the process of making some of the traditional candies.



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