It is no secret that Querétaro was a key piece in the beginning of the struggle for independence. But do you know the points where the clandestine meetings of the conspirators were held, or the monuments and museums that have been created in his honor?
Below we share some of the most representative places and venues of the cause that made us a sovereign nation. Follow this route through history through the historic center of the capital.

Our route begins in the House of the Corregidora, in front of Plaza de Armas, where secret meetings were held disguised as Literary Academies, in addition to being the place where Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez was locked up when the conspiracy was discovered. From there we walked down the 5 de Mayo walkway to make a stop at the Conspirators Museum. Through the murals of this museum tells the story that preceded the Struggle of Independence.

The route is just beginning, so now we go to Plaza de la Corregidora, located on the street of the same name, where we will find the famous monument in honor of Josefa. We suggest you take advantage of the scale to eat something rich in some of the restaurants that enthusiastically invite you to taste their dishes.

To continue, we walk to the Guerrero Garden where we will find the Museum of the Restoration of the Republic, an institution that shares another piece of history about the movement. After this long walk, we can not forget one of the characters who played an important role for the triumph of the fight. We speak of Ignacio Pérez and the last stop of our route is in the monument in his honor, located in Avenida Universidad. That famous roundabout surrounds a man on horseback who goes in the direction of San Miguel de Allende to alert the rest of the conspirators about what was happening in Querétaro.

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