Crafted in the French tradition, from the care of the goat to the preparation of the cheese.

Tequisquiapan - Ezequiel Montes km 22.5, Tequisquiapan, Qro. C. P 76750

T. (414) 219 6069

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Enter with this ecotourism agency to know what surrounds the mystical Peña de Bernal from the Cerro del Picacho.

camino antiguo a Bernal lote #4 Querétaro

T. 441 117 8821

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Five types of cheeses are elaborated that you can taste in your visit: matured cheese, pastoral cheese, cheese to red wine, feta cheese and cheese of house or of the season.

Carretera Sta. Bárbara - Huimilpan 9.5 km comunidad El Milagro, Rancho El Paliacate, Querétaro.

T. (442) 216 6017

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Puerta del Lobo is an impressive tourist resort in El Marques municipality, dedicated to offer a total enotouristic experience.

Carretera La Griega. El Lobo kilómetro 4.5, El Marqués, Querétaro.

T. (442) 245 0941

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Handmade cheese made from high-quality sheep's milk, made by expert hands and with care in each of the pieces.

Carretera Estatal 100, rumbo a Bernal. Acceso en KM 31.5, a un costado de los invernaderos del Agropark, rumbo a Santa Rosa de Lima.

T. (442) 212 4539

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Dairy products elaborated with techniques that allow to obtain the best flavor and presentation.

José Ma. Morelos 105, Centro 76650 Ezequiel Montes, Qro.

T. (441) 277 0420

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The most attractive part of this ranch is the dedication and mastery with which the preparation process of each of the cheeses is carried out. It has won international awards such as the Sainte Maure de Touraine Cheese Guild, France, and in the olympics of mountain cheeses in Germany.

Carretera México - Querétaro, libramiento a San Miguel de Allende, Km. 13

T. (442) 139 1961

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Produces artisanal cheeses with the best cow's milk in the region. It is focused on the production of European type matured cheeses, such as the vecchio, semi-desert, matured from the house, port salut, among others.

Carretera Tequisquiapan - Ezequiel Montes km 11, La Lagunita, Grande, 76795 Tequisquiapan, Qro.

T. (414) 273 33 69

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With personalized attention, it has excellent facilities to make cheeses with great flavor, aroma and texture, maintaining its artisan character that makes unique each of the pieces that can be enjoyed among friends.

Camino La Noria al Milagro km 2.5, Huimilpan, Qro.

T. (442) 130 2161

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