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The municipality of Cadereyta was named Pueblo Mágico in 2011 due to its diversity of cultural and natural attractions, for being a reference in the gastronomy derived from products of the region, a municipality that preserves ancient indigenous traditions, and endemic species of cactus. 

To the northeastern forest of Cadereyta, there is a community that stands out for the activities it offers and the beautiful landscapes that surround it; El Doctor is located one hour from the municipal seat and about 2,700 meters above sea level. 

Formerly this town was an important mining center, from which some minerals were extracted such as silver. It became so important that it even minted its own currency, and English and other foreigners came to invest in the mines, although there is only evidence of their passage through this community in some houses with particular architecture. 

His most important celebration occurs during Holy Week, where people from all over gather to admire the religious procession and the Diablos, people with masks that resemble these creatures and who participate in these festivities. 

In August, the apple season begins; we suggest you try the delicious desserts, liquors and jams that come from this product, where, in addition, the town of El Doctor invites you to be part of the harvest. 

In this beautiful place you can also visit the Mirador de la Cruz, which has an impressive view of the hills among the clouds, you can even find marine fossils among the rocks of the mountain or in the caves. 

We recommend four lodging options, such as:

Cabañas de Eco Aventura San Antonio. With five cabins and a camping area, it is ideal to make a fire or use its grills. With them there are two tour options: the first is an ATV ride to the Cueva del Tecolote, a waterfall and a spring. And the second is a tour to Cascada Velo de Novia in the neighboring community, Maconí. 

Bosque de las Hojas, with two cabins, camping area, zip line, tours, restaurant, bike ride or hiking, this place also spoils you with delicious lunches accompanied by sparkling or red wine, and in season apple with liquor and cakes.  

Finally, two other very quiet and equally enjoyable options, which we invite you to know, are the Cabaña Lindo Amanecer and Real del Cielo, proposals that stand out for their rustic and cozy atmosphere that will surely delight you and your family.  


FB. Cadereyta Pueblo Mágico

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FB. Eco-Aventura San Antonio El Doctor

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FB. El bosque de las hojas

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FB. Cabaña Lindo Amanecer

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FB. Real del cielo el doctor

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El Doctor, Cadereyta, Querétaro.

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