Admire the majestic Sierra Gorda

The Cuatro Palos Viewpoint is located in the Ejido Cuatro Palos, in the municipality of Pinal De Amoles. In this place you can enjoy a wide biodiversity, as well as an extraordinary view of the surrounding towns. It is an ideal place to camp, live with the family and feel the magic of the Sierra Gorda Queretana.

The visit becomes a special experience as here ends the semi-desert of Queretaro and starts the wooded area of ​​the Sierra Gorda. From this place you can also observe in the depth of the Sierra, the Bucareli Ex-Convent or on the horizon, the Peña de Bernal.

It is excellent for hiking and exploration, observation of flora and fauna or camping. During your visit, live with the community, share stories and get to know interesting legends of the region.

To get here, deviate from the national road 120 in the Community of La Cañada and enter the gap of 6 kilometers to Cuatro Palos.



KM 132, Carr. 120, Ejido Cuatro Palos, Pinal de Amoles, Queretaro.

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T. 441 292 5230

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