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Bnd Tours Pinal de Amoles is a tour company dedicated to guided tours in the Sierra Gorda of Queretaro and the Huasteca. Their packages include transportation, tickets to the different attractions, the attention of a certified guide, hydration and tasting of organic liquors.

They have a wide range of routes and tours:

Route of the waterfalls

It includes the Chuveje Waterfall, the Escanela River, the Angostura Canyon, the Puente de Dios and the Puerta del Cielo.

Route of the semi-desert

Visit the former convent of Bucareli, the zip lines of Bucareli extreme and the Cuatro Palos viewpoint.

Route of the Franciscan missions

Hiking trails

With different options such as: Pinal-Bucareli Walk through the Gotera Canyon, Cuatro Palos - Bucareli Walk through the Media Luna Hill, and the Pinal - Río Escanela Walk through the Barranca Canyon, among others.

Organic rural and sustainable tour

Tour of history and legends of Pinal de Amoles

Visiting the Church of San José, the Monument to the miners, houses and mansions, the House of Culture, the monumental letters, the Renaissance canteen, etc.

Ropes, caves and adventure tour

For the most adventurous. Includes abseiling in cave and in ravines, and canyoning in the Infiernillo.

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