Tequisquiapan is known as the "paradise of basketry".

Who would have thought that palm leaves, willow rod, ahuehuete, sabino or wicker root could create hats, furniture, dolls, baskets, coat racks or utensils for the house. As you will see everything is possible and it is thanks to this craftsmanship that Tequisquiapan is known as the "paradise of basketry".

The craft of basketry begins rising very early to moisten the material and facilitate its handling, then select the material to be weaved, such as the Ahuehuete. Then the base of the basket is made leaving a long space for the auction and it continues weaving, to go little by little, giving form it. The process is laborious and it can last up to several days to finish a piece.

Weaving techniques are different in each state. In Querétaro, the most popular are the base of cross, rhombus, propeller, smooth, spiral and braid.

We invite you to visit Tequisquiapan and fall in love with the wide variety of articles that you will find. In this magical village there are four main places to buy basketry: el mercado de vara y mimbre (the wicker market), el mercado artesanal (the craft market), el parador artesanal Tequisquiapan (the Tequisquiapan handicraft parlor) and el callejón de los bordados y tejidos (the alley of embroidery and textiles).


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