This place was prison of the Corregidora

The Convent of Santa Clara de Jesús was founded around 1607, when the viceroy don Juan de Mendoza gave permission to don Diego de Tapia to build the cloister for the Franciscan religions, in order to house his daughter who was a nun. The construction began few years later and was finished in 1633.

During Colony it was one of the largest and most important convents of Nueva España, but nowadays just the church and a small annex are left of it, since it was mostly destroyed during the Reform war. When the Independence war began, it was used as a prison for doña Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez.

From the inside one can see the carved altarpiece, the choir from where the nuns went to attend the services which is separated from the rest by a fence, and de superb wrought iron gates of the pub and the vestibule.



Jardin Guerrero 8, Centro, 76000 Santiago de Querétaro, Qro.

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