Know part of the history that marks the identity of Querétaro.

The convent of Santa Cruz is one of the buildings that holds most of Querétaro’s history: the zone in which this temple was built keeps the origins of Querétaro’s foundation in 1531 as a Christian population of the viceroy. As time went by, it has been completely restored and its main attraction is in its insides where you can find a replica carved in stone of the Santa Cruz that appeared in the sky on July 25th, 1531 according to the legend of Querétaro’s foundation. Also you can admire the beautiful altarpieces of pink quarry that are baroque and neoclassical style. In the inside of the convent there is a tree that grows cross shaped thorns. If you believe in miracles, you cannot miss this one.



Calle Independencia s/n, Centro, La Cruz, 76020 Santiago de Querétaro, Qro.

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