Peaceful and photographic paradise

Among its attractions are country landscapes that breathe between green plains and bodies of water. It is also a town that maintains its identity through time, since it is common to find indigenous artisans who still wear their typical costumes and keep their traditions alive.

In this municipality the pottery works are unmatched, the artisan hands are the root of the beautiful ceramic pieces and utensils that you can find among its alleys and streets. In addition, many indigenous families work in the elaboration of typical garments and artisan dolls of Otomi origin, which today are part of the great cultural heritage of the state of Querétaro.

The forests and lagoons that surround Amealco make it an ideal place to practice mountain biking, rappel climbing or sport fishing; so if you are looking for a place to have fun with the children, the Cerro de los Gallos Recreational Park has many outdoor games in the middle of a natural and ecological environment; or, for a more open ecotourism, La Beata is an extensive natural area to walk, admire its lagoons, variety of flowers, trees and birds surrounded by fresh air and fresh.


Thus, spending a weekend among the bucolic nature of Amealco becomes somewhat necessary. For this, there are various camps with cabins that satisfy this desire. In the Jajelilo Cabins, for example, just 15 minutes from the municipal seat, you can have the experience of performing a pre-Hispanic ritual in the temazcal baths, where you will find relaxation with an ancient tradition. Rancho Calixto, meanwhile, has comfortable cabins, in the middle of an incredible landscape that gives you the chance to enjoy seeing white-tailed deer in their natural environment and protected for being, in addition to a well-cared and cared for camp an Environmental Protection Unit (UMA).

Above all, it should not be forgotten that this municipality also has a gastronomic variety that dates back to pre-Columbian times and translates its Otomí and Chichimeca heritage to the demands of modernity. One of the most typical dishes is the guajolote mole, which is dedicated one day a week to prepare and you can find this Mexican delicacy everywhere, so it is recommended to visit Amealco on Tuesdays. Don't forget to try the 'tostadas arrieras', the region's pulque, the chicharrón de res and artisan cheese.

If you are looking for recommended places, the Ex Hacienda de San Nicolás de la Torre, the Museum of the Handmade Doll, are a must, but also visit the Otomi doll workshops and the ancient temples of Santiago Mexquititlán and San Ildefonso Tultepec, They are for those who are passionate about the tradition embodied in the Otomi communities of this Magical Town.




Plaza de la Constitución #20, Col. Centro. Amealco de Bonfil, Qro.

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