Municipality nailed in the Sierra Gorda

Landa de Matamoros has a great variety of climates due to its hilly land. Santa María de Landa and San Francisco del Valle de Tilaco, two of the Franciscan Missions declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, are found here.


At the municipal seat, you can visit the Museum of Agricultural Art. In Tilaco and Aguazarca, the Community Museums, where photographs, archeological pieces and farm implements are exhibited. The Joya de Hielo, located in the ejido del Madroño, is home to a natural area where, in addition to beautiful Madroño trees, you can find marine fossils over 100 million years old.

The gastronomy in this place is exquisite. Typical dishes include nopales with pipián (a type of spicy green sauce), nopales en penca (cooked in maguey leaves), zacahuil (a large tamal stuffed with pork meat wrapped in banana leaves), enchiladas, gorditas and bread pulque. As dessert you can try pepita, peanut and pumpkin treats.




Calle Constitución s/n, Col. Centro. Landa de Matamoros, Querétaro.

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