A place with faith, taste and adventure

This municipality worthily bears the name of the great explorer, for the route through Colón is a perfect mixture between the discovery of pleasure and the pleasure of discovery. 

Colón, one of the municipalities of great rural and religious tradition, is also a place of incredible nature and tourist sites to enjoy the best of Querétaro.

On its deepest side, Columbus has been the center of great pilgrimages for being the house of the Virgin of Dolores del Soriano, an invocation of the Virgin Mary considered a truly miraculous image by her faithful. In fact, the faith that has lavished on the Virgin of Soriano over the years has turned this municipality, not just the center of ceremonies attended by more than a million people every April to celebrate this Virgin, but this religious icon became patron saint of the diocese of the state of Querétaro and managed to raise its temple to the rank of Basilica, the only one in the state and one of the eighteen that exist in Mexico.

In this way, religious tourism has made Columbus a place that attracts attention, because, in addition to its important Basilica, it has several important chapels for communities, such as San Antonio, Santa Filomena, la Esperanza; even the Chapel of the Souls, where, it is said, several exorcisms have been practiced that give a special touch to the visit.


For lovers of nature and outdoor activities, this municipality has Environmental Management Units (UMA's) that offer horseback riding, excursions, cycling and the opportunity to spend the night in cabins in the middle of the protected forests that they surround the Pinal del Zamorano, a World Heritage Site since 2009, where the highest point of the state is located, exceeding 3,200 meters above sea level, to give you a spectacular landscape.

If we add to this the places of Cerro de los Pilones and its particular conical boulders ideal for professional climbers, as well as the Colón Dam and La Soledad Dam, where you can practice sport fishing or pleasant boat rides, Colón catches you.


However, located in the central strip of the Queretano semi desert, Colón has become an important part of the Querétaro Wine Region, housing some of the state's most outstanding vineyards and cheese factories, such as Donato, Tierra de Alonso, Vinaltura , Paso de Serra, Flor de Alfalfa, VAI Cheeses, among others, which guarantees you a special oenological experience.


Of course, you can not miss the large colonial estates such as Viborillas or La Salitrera, nor important celebrations such as the National Sarape Contest in October, the Fiesta Grande de la Virgen del Soriano in April, or the Harvest of the Colon Valley Xönthe, in August, where the variety of gastronomic and artistic activities fill this town with a party.



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