One of Querétaro's pillars

This municipality receives its name in memory of Don Juan Antonio de Urrutia and Arana, Marquis of the Villa del Villar del Águila, benefactor of Querétaro. The water that supplied the Aqueduct of the city of Santiago de Querétaro was brought from here. The municipal seat is La Cañada, which keeps important historical monuments such as the statue of Conín, founder of Querétaro. 

Some points of interest are the Chiquita church (La Cañada), the first Catholic temple built in the state; the Ecocentro Expositor, where various exhibitions are held throughout the year; El Carmen dam, ideal for practicing ecotourism and fishing; and the Wameru Zoo, with more than 1800 species, some of which are in danger of extinction. 

You can also admire, and sometimes visit, 24 former haciendas of the XVII, XVIII, and XIX centuries, or the Biomuseo El Marqués, a museum that gathers the characteristic flora and fauna of the municipality. 

As for traditional handicrafts, the most important are wool textiles such as sarapes, blankets and carpets elaborated in homemade looms; or stone kitchen utensils such as nixtamal and molcajetes. San Vicente Ferrer, is famous for producing and selling sheepskin clothing and accessories such as jackets, wallets or boots.




Venustiano Carranza #2, La Cañada. El Marqués, Qro.

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