Culture, tradition and gastronomy

Ezequiel Montes is a small municipality with great wealth and pleasant weather year round, located between the central valleys and the semi-desert of Querétaro. Pride of our state, it offers culture, history and natural beauties. 

The most visited tourist attraction is the Peña de Bernal, the third largest monolith in the world, named one of the 13 Natural Wonders of Mexico, and a protected natural area. 

All optimal geo climatic characteristics for grapevine cultivation meet at the generous lands of Ezequiel Montes. That’s the reason why winemaking has prospered as an economic activity.

In addition, the population of Villa Progreso, holds one of the most representative millenarian cultures of our state. The tribe of Hñähñus from Tecozautla settled in this area by 1942 and have become a cultural and gastronomic treasure in Querétaro ever since.



Calle Belisario Domínguez #104, Centro. Ezequiel Montes, Qro.

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