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Pyramids in Querétaro?

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Prehispanic ruins in the Metropolitan Querétaro

The Museum of the El Cerrito Archaeological Zone is made up of the Skull Altar, the Sculpture Square, the Pyramid, the Dance Square and the Obsidian Altar, in a tour of approximately one hour.

It was in the Early Postclassic that El Cerrito had its time of greatest relevance as the regional center of Toltec expansion. After this stage, the site maintained its importance as a place of worship among local ethnic groups, such as the Otomi, Purépechas and Chichimeca.

In 1632, the indigenous people continued with offerings to the pre-Hispanic gods on the altars of the site, they discovered figurines in baked clay of Huehueteotl, god of terrestrial fire, one of the oldest in Mesoamerica. Similarly, a vessel was discovered with the cooked face of Tlaloc, god of the celestial waters, and fragments of stone sculptures of Quetzalcoatl, evidence of the magnitude and importance of the place.

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Just 10 minutes from the Main Garden of El Pueblito, the historical relevance of the site makes it a must-see for anyone who visits the metropolitan area of Querétaro. Admission is free and the guided tours provide a point of reference to understand, treasure, and learn about pre-Hispanic cultures.

Do not forget to visit the Main Garden of El Pueblito

One of the most special characteristics of the Archaeological Zone of El Cerrito is that it is in the middle of the urban sprawl, in the center of the municipality of Corregidora. It is worth visiting it and take the opportunity to eat at a traditional stall in its surroundings. Tacos, gorditas, sopes, huaraches... you have dozens of options for breakfast if you go in the morning, but you can also eat a grilled corn or some Esquites when the afternoon falls. El Pueblito is a very pretty area that largely retains its colonial charm.


Av Don Bosco, Emiliano Zapata, 76900 El Pueblito, Qro.
442 225 11 32

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