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Ayutla River and the Concá Births

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Break everyday life and discover Arroyo Seco, Querétaro, with a humid and semi-tropical climate, you will immerse yourself in one of the natural paradises of the Sierra Gorda

Delve into the Sierra Gorda queretana

Delve into the Sierra Gorda queretana

How long have you not gotten out of the routine? It is incredible to realize that in Querétaro we have natural sites that have not yet been explored enough. The Sierra Gorda, with all its immensity, keeps between its slopes the paradisiacal nature that agglomerates different climates, each one with its lodging options, its varied gastronomy, a diverse geography and many places to discover.

In case you didn't know, just three hours from Querétaro we have a semi-tropical landscape that you cannot miss. The Ayutla River and the Concá Births are paintings that the Sierra Gorda gives us and makes available for the preservation, care, respect and contact with nature.

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Concá and Las Adjuntas

Concá is a community in the municipality of Arroyo Seco, Querétaro, proud of its territory, land that is home to the Millennial Tree, a sabino - also known as ahuehuete - which stands as the second largest in all of Mexico. This national tree has the peculiarity of serving as a historical witness to the passage of time in the mountains, crystalline water gushes from its roots, it is 1200 years old and it is a favorite of the community.

Near the old Millennium Tree, about 15 minutes away, you will find the town of Ayutla, a place surrounded by trees and water, one of those places imagined for retirement or relaxation. If you explore the river you can find the Ayutla River Births, natural pools of turquoise water and vegetation like something out of a work by Clausell.

Rest with the eternal concert of the waters of the Ayutla River

On the river bank there are cabins and inns, in addition, the place is ideal for hiking, swimming in its waters or traveling until you reach the Adjuntas de Ayutla, the intersection between the Santa María River (warm water) and the Ayutla River ( cold water), where the landscape is painted bicolor due to the different characteristics of the water.

Go ahead and take the wheel and explore the Sierra Gorda, get to know Concá in depth, its natural paradises, refresh yourself in its settlements, such as El Abanico, and walk among its flora, always with the exception and convinced that you are in a territory that is configured and that rebuilds itself with each step you take, ready to surprise you again.


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