What to take with me on my trip to the Sierra Gorda?

In your trip to the Sierra Gorda you will cross several ecosystems. Some essential elements are: comfortable shoes, swimsuit, cap, camera, anorak, sun block and backpack. However, the essentials depend on the type of trip you wish to make. If your plan is camping, we strongly recommend you don't forget your tent, sleeping bag and swiss knife. Keep in mind that the weather can change a lot from one season to the other. If you go in the summer, bring fresh clothes, but you in the cold season, make sure you bring warm clothes.

What are the places of interest in the Sierra Gorda?

Some of the main points of interest are the Franciscan Missions, the archaeological sites of Ranas and Toluquilla, the former convent of Bucareli, Pinal de Amoles and the magical town of San Joaquin. Also, don't miss the chance to visit natural wonders such as the Escanela River, the Chuveje Waterfall and the Cuatro Palos Viewpoint.

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