Third best Magic Town to live a culinary experience

In Tequisquiapan, food tells stories

Tequisquiapan, home to the best of gastronomy in Querétaro

K’puchinos, El Maravillas y Origens son tres de los mejores exponentes gastronómicos de este Pueblo Mágico.

To fall in love all the senses are necessary. The sight, the touch, the smell, the hearing and of course, the taste. This is how visitors to Tequisquiapan are captivated by one of the best places in Mexico to enjoy an experience to taste food, it is not just any experience, it is one in which all the senses are used.

During November Tequisquiapan received the appointment as the third best Magic Town, at the national level, for a culinary experience. The Tianguis Turístico de Mérida was the scene in which this appointment was given to the Magic Town of Queretaro.

Here are three places where you can check this.

K'puchinos Restaurant


34 years ago one of the gastronomy icons of Tequisquiapan was born, the K'puchinos restaurant opened its doors and became a local reference. To get to this place it was said that you had to go to where Don Quixote was sitting, or simply 'the wooden lord'. Since then, the statue of the ingenious nobleman welcomes diners.

Javier Jurado, chef at K'puchinos, explains the evolution they have had over more than three decades. Same in which they have positioned themselves as one of those required to visit the main garden of this municipality.

You could not explain this place without mentioning the conventual cuisine that is honored in each dish. Javier Jurado explains that Queretaro cuisine is a reality, one that was born in New Spain's convents and evolved with the culture of the original communities. The must-sees of K'puchinos are the mole de nopal, the pipián from Amealco de Bonfil, and the experience is not rounded off without visiting the La Luna terrace, where you can enjoy cocktails with typical ingredients from Querétaro.

The Wonders Restaurant

The Wonders

In Mexico, dishes tell family stories. The recipes become an inheritance that transcends decades and speaks to the sentimental memory of the people. The Maravillas is a tribute to a grandfather and the love he had for his loved ones. The Maravillas is part of the life and identity of Tequisquiapan.

Alejandro Martínez, chef at El Maravillas, conveys emotion in the stories he tells about his grandfather. He assures that in each dish they seek to recreate something anecdotal about the happy childhood that he and his brothers had. The place evokes an atmosphere of seafood, the reason for the trips that the family made for years to Colima. Without a doubt, part of the experience lies in trying the mixtures between this cuisine and the Queretaro ingredients.

This has become one of the reference sites for the attention it provides; In addition, like most local restaurants, it evolved with the pandemic. Now it has opened a terrace where it is mandatory to try the cocktails, wines and beers.

Maravillas is a space that seeks to show off the products of the region. Alejandro Martínez assures that the doors of his restaurant are open to local producers, since he considers that making good cuisine is part of building a community.

Origins Restaurant


Continuing with the tributes to history, family and cuisine, we arrive at Origens. In the place where the first granary of Tequisquiapan was located, there is a restaurant that captivates the senses of its diners. The space alone tells stories and becomes an experience. The orchard welcomes visitors, the old walls of the barn impress and make it seem like you have traveled back in time to eat.

Inside the restaurant there is a wall that tells passages from the history of the Domènech family, one of the first to promote wine tourism in the region. Without a doubt this makes it a place worth visiting and enjoying, in addition to the service and treatment offered by Albert Domènech, chef at Origens.

Mediterranean cuisine dishes fit perfectly with the region's wine route, which are crowned with high-quality products, both national and foreign. The afternoon definitely takes another direction with a glass of wine, a cheese board and some orange marmalade.

Albert Domènech assures that his restaurant is not for fast food, it is a place to cultivate a taste for local gastronomy, family life and Queretaro wine; another reason why it is understood why in this town the food tells stories.




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