In these dates that close the year, Querétaro becomes an attraction to visit, know and rediscover it through its way of celebrating Christmas traditions.

Throughout this period of December holidays, the Historic Center of the city of Querétaro will be filled with lights and Christmas motifs that will seek to awaken the spirit of the time in everyone who visits and likes to stroll through this beautiful place of colonial past.

Monumental piñatas, street lamps, Christmas trees with dynamic lights, ornate and flickering planters, Christmas Eve lights and a spectacular arcade of luminaries, are some of the elements that frame the atmosphere that will be lived in the streets, squares and most important walkways of downtown the city of Querétaro, named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for more than two decades.
The Zenea Garden, which houses a traditional and spectacular Christmas birth every year, will be illuminated with stars in a special way, and the main walkers will be adorned with luminaire themes so that passers-by take the best photos of their walks through the center.

In addition, for the enjoyment of children and people of all ages, an ice rink will be installed in the square of the Guerrero Garden, under a decorative Christmas tree, open to the public, where people can skate and slide on the cold surface with the own joy of these dates.
The streets of the first painting will see the traditional Biblical Carros parade, a Christmas custom that has lasted in Querétaro for a century, and the stalls of sweet fritters and Mexican snacks will give life to these cool winter nights, not forgetting that every Saturday in December the guitars and the songs of the students will sound in their entertaining alleys.

From December 2 to January 12, we invite you to enjoy this beautiful state and one of the most attractive cities in Mexico, which will be illuminated with the great decoration by the Ministry of Tourism of the State, which seeks to retake the elements traditional Mexican Christmas celebrations and fill the atmosphere, spirit and joy that radiates the people in its path

the crowd takes pictures as they pass through the arcades of luminaries in the center of Querétaro

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