The year is about to close and the city of Querétaro seeks to take advantage of these holiday parties to capture the attention of our visitors, captivate them to choose this great city as a destination to enjoy the Christmas celebrations.

Throughout this month, the Historic Center of the Queretana capital promises to fill the atmosphere with lights to awaken the Christmas spirit and exalt the traditional elements that distinguish Mexican Christmas.

In addition, part of the most important Queretan traditions take place before the twelfth month began. From the Announcement of the beginning of the festivities by the Queen of Christmas to the routes of the Biblical Cars and the Horseback Riding, the Queretans live their customs to which they can all visit the city center.

On the other hand, the different delegations and neighborhoods of the Queretan capital will carry out activities so that all Querétaro continue the tradition of laughing with the pastorelas and enjoying the sound of the carols that will be interpreted throughout the month of December, so that the city lives Christmas every day of this month.

Conversations about the Queretanas Decembrinas Traditions; variety of pastorelas and theater groups; choral and orchestral concerts; workshops for birth and piñatas… The whole city focused on transmitting and strengthening Mexican customs in December.

To have on hand the highlights that you will find in the Historic Center of the city we share this brief program of activities for the whole month:

Friday, November 29:
• Exhibition of Traditional Births (Casa Queretana de las Artesanías)

Monday, December 2:
• [19:00] Lighting of the Friendship Tree (Correcting Garden), Monumental Birth and Lighting of the Historic Center.

Wednesday, December 4:
• [20:00] Concert "The Messiah" with the Camerata Santiago de Querétaro, Santiago de Querétaro Choir and Concertist Voices of Querétaro (City Theater)

Thursday 5
• [18:00] Christmas concert of the Santiago de Querétaro Choir (Constitution Square)

Friday 6
• [19:00] Coronation of the Queen of Christmas Parties (Plaza de Armas)

Saturday 7
• TROVAFEST: concert of the best singer-songwriters in Latin America (Plaza Fundadores)

Sunday 8
• TROVAFEST: concert of the best singer-songwriters in Latin America (Plaza Fundadores)

Monday 9
• [18:00] Concert of the Santiago de Querétaro Youth Symphony Band and the Tempo Di Voce choir (Constitution Square)

Wednesday 11
• [18:00] Concert of the Children and Youth Choir Santiago de Querétaro (Constitution Square)

Thursday, 12
• [20:00] Christmas Concert of the Philharmonic Orchestra of the state of Querétaro (Metropolitan Theater)

Friday the 13th
• [18:00] Concert of the Duet “Dulcemelos” (Constitution Square)

Saturday 14
• [12:00] Christmas Concert of the State Music Band (Zenea Garden)
• [18:00] Concert of the Children's and Youth Community Orchestras of the Secretary of Culture of the State (Auditorium Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez)
• [18:30] Carriage tour of the inns of the neighborhoods of Querétaro (Historic Center)

Sunday 15
• [12:00] Christmas Concert of the State Music Band (Zenea Garden)

Monday 16
• [18:30] Traditional Carriage Tour of the Inn (Historic Center)

Tuesday 17
• [19:30] Traditional Carriage Tour of the Inn (Historic Center)

Wednesday 18th
• [19:00] Traditional Pastorela Queretana of the Traveling Group Comedians of the Legua U.A.Q. (Barrio Santa Rosa de Viterbo)

Monday 23
• [19:00] Pastorela 2019: A very Christmas King, a very African devil and four very stunned shepherds (The Pastor King) of the Sol y Luna Theater Company (Historic Center Delegation)
• [20:00] Tour of the Historic Cars - Costumbristas de la Cabalgata, dedicated to Leonardo Da Vinci, in the 500 years of his death (Historic Center)

Tuesday 24
• [18:00] On the portal of the Monumental Birth, Lullaby the Child God. (Zenea Garden)
• [19:00] Parade of the Biblical Cars to 193 years of history (Historic Center)

Wednesday 25
• [18:00] Christmas Verbena (Zenea Garden)
• [21:00] Burning pyrotechnic games (Zenea Garden)

Tuesday 31
• [18:00] New Year's Eve Verbena (Zenea Garden)
• [21:00] Burning pyrotechnic games (Zenea Garden)

January 5:
• [20:00] Three Kings Cavalcade (Historic Center)

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