Querétaro constantly innovates to attract more people to visit all regions of the state and rediscover the Historic Center, place where more tourists arrive. Between May and September, the harvest season attracts attention for the various events that take place in the wine houses that are increasingly opening their doors to local and foreign visitors; while the Sierra Gorda and our Magical Towns, are visited at any time, especially holiday; However, in November we also want to be protagonists as one of the best options to celebrate the Day of the Dead tradition.


Day of the Dead Festival

The Ministry of Tourism of the State strives to give experiences for everyone, moments that you can share and make you live the Historic Center in a special way and at the same time, you can revalue with us the customs and traditions that define us as Mexicans.
Squares and walkers will be filled with colors, flowers, music, theater and folklore to decorate and give life to our traditions and make all those who visit us from October 30 to November 3 participate, and be pleased with a pleasant walk to through the beautiful Historic Center of the city.

Through the walkers, you can symbolically travel the path of our dead to their abode in the hereafter, and rescue the festive character of this state of the soul that leaves the material world. You can also meet the characters and legends that shaped the history of Querétaro, whom we honor with striking skulls that will give them presence and recognition for the valuable imprint left by their actions in Querétaro and beyond. And of course, the presence of the doll Lele, the ambassador of Querétaro in the world, dressed as a catrina for the occasion, to reinforce this great symbol of our roots.

The Monumental Altar returns to Plaza de Armas, dedicated on this occasion to the famous Queretan architect Ignacio Mariano de las Casas, known for his interventions in the construction of the beautiful Temple of Santa Rosa de Viterbo, from which the buttresses that distinguish this enclosure were taken in Querétaro and throughout Mexico, to adorn in a special way this traditional seven-level offering.

In addition, to impregnate this festival of the strength, creativity and joy of our people, the main street of the center will be filled with the Parade of Catrinas and Catrines that enchants those present and fills the participants with joy.


Burying Cheese and Wine

On Saturday, November 2, Tierra de Alonso vineyard prepares a particular event to celebrate the Day of the Dead with art, cheese and wine. “Burying Cheese and Wine” invites you to attend a family evening dressed as catrinas and calacas to see the flavor of VAI Cheeses and house wines, accompanied by live music and a variety of gastronomic stalls, so that The flavor does not leave you is this special date.

As a complement, admire the exhibition and winners of the artistic interventions on wine barrels, and participate by burying cheese and wine in a small pantheon prepared for this date of much tradition in Mexico, about which you can learn with a talk about all the worldview that surrounds the Day of the Dead.

To close the night, you can look through the telescope at the stars that illuminate the night sky of the semi-desert Queretano, a region that allows them to shine in all their splendor and what better than from the hand of a good wine and the best companies.


Other activities

Of course you can not miss the opportunity to participate and take the entertaining tours of Queretaan legends that are offered in the Historic Center, where excellent theatrical groups stage those legends that enrich the local history while you discover the places and houses of Querétaro from another point of view.

The whole center and the city is filled with activities related to these dates, organized by the Secretariats of Culture of the State, and of the Municipality, so that everyone can live the magic of the Day of the Dead in museums, squares and houses of culture.
After this bridge of the dead, for lovers of vineyards and wine, in Donato he organizes his festival 'Carnevino', where, as the name says, the selected cuts of meat and wines of the house, will be the protagonists of that afternoon .

Of course, starts the International Livestock Fair 2019, on the 29th, the largest fair in the city to attract thousands of people every day, who enjoy a wide range of clothing, crafts, food, artistic events, palenque, games mechanics, and everything you can expect from a great first level fair in Mexico.

To end the month of November, the 1st will be held on the 30th. Artisan Cheese Festival ¡Viva el Queso !, in Tequisquiapan, inside the Bocanegra Cheese Cavas. Here you can try the products of queretana cheese factories and learn through workshops and expert talks about this delicious dairy product. More than 15 exhibitors will fill your taste buds with one of the main products of the region, not forgetting invited foreign producers and live music that will liven up this important event for queretana cheese factories.

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