1. Majestic.
Querétaro has enviable sites that impact its imposing architecture. Here you can appreciate from colonial houses to baroque and neoclassical temples that complement the magic of its picturesque streets. Without a doubt, the ideal place to give a sumptuous atmosphere to your celebration.

2. Privileged location.
Located in the heart of Mexico, Querétaro is easily accessible by car, bus or plane.

3. Excellent weather.
The average temperature of Querétaro is 22ºC (71ºF) with clear skies and unforgettable sunsets. The rainy season is from June to September. From November to January, the nights are cold while the days are sunny and pleasant.

novios besandose en viñedo de queretaro

4. Hotels.
Querétaro offers more than 5,700 rooms distributed in four-star and five-star hotels, small and elegant boutique hotels set in old viceroyal haciendas.

5. Tourist attractions.
Querétaro has five routes within the State: Cheese and Wine Route, Route of Haciendas, Route of the Semi-desert, Route of the Sierra Gorda and Religious Route. In each one we can find different activities like balloon flights, guided visits to the Franciscan Missions or tours in old carts by the haciendas.

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