Many people have a habit of visiting the market of any place they visit. Beyond looking for a restaurant where the menu presents the daily dishes, sometimes the special seasoning that people usually give in markets and that, in a certain way, defines a feature of the city, town or community.

The food stores in the markets are usually served by families who have spent generations dedicating themselves to offering the best flavor in their dishes, and the Mercado de la Cruz is no exception: a large part of the food businesses have been cooking stews for three generations, Antojitos, tacos, artisanal bread, chubby, barbecue and even inland seafood. As well as not daring to get up an early day to try something delicious.

The Mercado de la Cruz has the peculiarity of being a totally public place that, unlike other similar sites, never loses the whiteness of its corridors, one perceives that cleaning is essential for a food area, and the aromas that are going pulling the noses come into your head in a tortuous question about what you want to eat.

You have the option of tacos de carnitas, al pastor and steak. Tacos Piolin, for some reason, now has three stores that are dedicated to each taco to give more space when it is filled: people know them and recognize the taste, cleanliness and sauce.

Many look for the variety offered by snacks with their various pots of stews and tortillas made by hand, as in the case of Antojitos Leo, famous for its grilling tacos, but also for its seasoning. The banks surrounding their cooks are always busy.

Fonda y Antojitos Meche boasts of having fed a presidential candidate when he came to give his trip to Querétaro. He did not win, but surely he left with "the happy heart" because the chubby, the pambazos (known by the Queretanos as guajolotes) and the enchiladas queretanas, are delicious and very well served, generous.

Even for those looking for something more necessary to lighten the glasses of the previous day, Barbecue Tres Corderos serves your good barbecue tacos with a spicy sauce to achieve the task, or you may prefer a hot consommé, everything is your choice.

Needless to say, Marisco la Cruz, that only when passing through its premises outside the market, you turn to look at the menu and the dishes and mojarras and cocktails that are served every day to diners who truly enjoy at their tables.

Juices, sandwiches, cakes, quesadillas, salads, everything you can find in the Merdado de la Cruz if you dare to try what they have ... and that is only in the light of day, at night it is transformed into another place of flavor that you will not want to miss.

people sitting enjoying eating at the market of the cross in querétaro

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