One of the main traces left by the colonial past in Mexico has been the large estates that rose throughout the country. In Querétaro, as in many other states, the great helmets of these Spanish properties, with more than four hundred years old, have been maintained and restored to take advantage of their beauty and architectural solidity.

Most of these haciendas have been transformed into exclusive places with the purpose of opening high quality lodging and food spaces. In addition, for its large walls, its large rooms and extensive gardens, it is that these old properties have now become unmatched frames for special events, favorite places for weddings, for example.

Here we present some of the best known haciendas, which stand out for their beauty, comfort and quality in their service:


Hacienda Galindo

It preserves the beauty of its colonial architecture, the wide and lush gardens, as well as the charm of the legends, since it is said that Hernán Cortés gave this 16th-century hacienda to Malinche. It has 168 rooms, 17 rooms and beautiful gardens; Fascinating spaces perfect for your pleasure vacations, business meetings or social events with a traditional Mexican touch.

Hacienda Tovares

Located in Cadereyta, it has large gardens overlooking the hull of the colonial-style Hacienda that give it a unique touch. It is an ideal place for business, family and wedding events. Integration activities and recreational experiences with its variety of horses can be found.

Hacienda La Llave

Until the mid-nineteenth century, this historic place belonged to the widow of Don Juan Jaramillo a conquering captain of Hernán Cortés. The French-style remodels that were subsequently made adorn this structure that now houses the Seventh Military Mechanized Regiment in the area.

Hacienda San Gil

This colonial structure is adapted to a 5-star hotel service that offers all kinds of amenities, from an 18-hole golf course, jacuzzi, swimming pool, to sports fields and extensive green areas suitable for all types of events.

Hacienda La Venta

 With elegant rooms, restaurant and areas for events and lounges for first-class business tables, this hacienda built in the 16th century has served as a room for travelers for over 400 years.

Hacienda Viborillas

In this stone helmet of the 18th century, the passage of time coexists in its different gardens and interiors with modern comforts and first level services, which have given it the right recognition of the best place for weddings in Querétaro 2019.

Hacienda Tres Vidas

This elegant hacienda in Tequisquiapan, looks for its comfort and the excellent services of spa, restaurant and, above all, of the hot air balloon flights that you can hire in packages so that you live a unique experience in Querétaro.

Hacienda Amazcala

Located in the municipality of El Marqués, it is one of the oldest in the region, built to protect peaceful Indians from rebel Chichimecas. Now it stands out for its space for events and its own wine cellar.

Hacienda Atongo

A special place for the viceregal atmosphere in all its architectural details, ideal for holding events or for eating your delicious menu of Mexican food in its exclusive restaurant 1651, not forgetting its vineyard as the main attraction.

Hacienda La Laborcilla

One of the most exclusive places in the middle of the urbanization of the Queretana capital. An 18th-century hacienda fully restored to become a luxurious restaurant with authentic replicas of the Louvre Museum. At night it houses a highly exclusive bar.

outside of hacienda la llave, in San Juan del Río

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