Querétaro is a state that, due to its history, has traditions rooted in celebrations rooted in the Catholic faith, as in much of the national territory. The Procession of Silence in the capital, the representation of the Passion of Christ in El Marqués, the festivities in all towns and communities, are some of these customs in the state.

The municipality of Corregidora has found a way to make these traditions a tourist product that highlights the cultural richness of the town, amid the modernity of a growing metropolis: the Route of Worship.


More than a thousand years in a brief tour.

El Pueblito, head of this conurbation municipality, is perhaps the most special place in the entire state. The reason is simple: its monumental pyramid of pre-Hispanic origin among its streets. There begins the walk for the identity of Corregidora.
Visitors can appreciate the splendor of the Pyramid from El Pueblito, which has been carefully discovered to reveal the legacy of 3 cultures that began around the 6th century.

This archeological zone has a small site museum and expert guides that will threaten you through the squares and uses of each vestige that is within the area.

The tour continues to the center of El Pueblito, where you will meet the Parish of San Francisco Galileo, dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe, and, a few blocks away, the Sanctuary of the Virgen del Pueblito, the patron saint of the place, to which they are dedicated the most important celebrations and which occupies a relevant hierarchy in the Queretan faith, because it is even protected for a time in the Temple of San Francisco that is located in the capital, Santiago de Querétaro, the second oldest religious site in the state.

Built in 1732, the Sanctuary of the Virgen del Pueblito is the oldest enclosure in the area where, to date, the inhabitants continue the tradition of worshiping this invocation of the virgin with the ox ride, food for all attendees and the change of organizers of this devotion of almost 300 years and that you can live at the end of February.


The route ends at the Schoenstatt Chapel, an area dedicated to an invocation of the Virgin called the ‘Three Admirable Times’, and a replica of the original sanctuary in the German town of Schoenstatt. This is a religious center that has been gaining more and more devotees since its foundation in Querétaro in the sixties.

The Corregidora Route of Worship seeks to be one of the pillars of religious tourism in the metropolitan area of ​​the state, ideal also for those who like the history behind every corner of Mexico.


Municipality of Corregidora Tel: (442) 209 6000

San Francisco Galileo Parish
Calle Francisco I. Madero # 27, El Pueblito, Corregidora, Querétaro. Tel: (442) 225 0763

Sanctuary of Our Lady of El Pueblito
Captain Pedro Urtiaga # 27, El Pueblito, CP 76900 Corregidora, Qro. Tel:

Sanctuary of the Virgin of Schoenstatt
Road to the Olvera # 7, CP 77904, Corregidora, Qro. Tel: (442) 228 1220

• El Cerrito Archaeological Zone
Miguel Hidalgo s / n, El Pueblito, 76900 Santiago de Querétaro, Qro. Tel: (442) 225 3087

tourist takes picture of the pyramid of El Pueblito

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