Wine has been the object of enjoyment (even of adoration) for thousands of years. From the cultivation of the vine, the production process is a ritual and such kindness of the land should be celebrated. The harvest (word that refers to the harvesting of the fruit to obtain wine) is still a party to this day.

Due to the climatic and geographic conditions of the semi-desert of Queretaro, the harvest season of the grapes takes place between May and September of each year, months in which the winemakers of our Wine Region make them a reason to celebrate with the public who attends the vineyards to cut the red bunches and to feel the must of the grapes at the feet in the same way that the ancients extracted the juice before going on to the fermentation phase.

The success and quality of Queretaro wines has been reflected in the increase of the harvest festivals in the region, and with them, the different proposals for fun: weekends of good music, art and photography exhibitions; days of trying the different wines and the best products of these lands.

As in the most prestigious wine countries, the harvest season in Querétaro has become a true tourist product, both for entertainment, landscapes, for the experiences available to the palate and the opportunity to spend a pleasant afternoon with friends and the family.

This summer, among the possibilities you can find to enjoy your vacations in Querétaro, the vineyards in the middle of harvest season is an option that, for sure, is going to put you in good shape.

Among the offers for this year are:

  • www.tierradealonso.com will celebrate the festivities of San Ugunzón on July 13
  • That same weekend, July 13 and 14, at the winery https://donato.com.mx/
  • On http://haciendaatongo.com on July 20
  • 20 and 21, the famous celebrations of https://laredonda.com.mx/
  • 27 and 28 in http://www.vinedoslosrosales.com.mx/, to end the month of July
  • In August: 2, 3 and 4, in https://www.freixenetmexico.com.mx/; August 10, at http://www.vinosdelmarques.com/ and http://www.bodegasvaiven.mx/; on Saturday the 24th, at http://cava57.com/; and on the 31st, at https://www.facebook.com/vinedosdelpolo/
  • And to end the season in September, on the 7th, at http://www.decote.mx/; and the next weekend 14 and 15, at https://www.facebook.com/vinicola.sanpatricio/ and https://vinedosazteca.com/

people stomping grapes at harvest