A few kilometers from the city of Querétaro, is the main road that leads you to one of the most visited places after the urban life of the state capital: the wine region of the semidesert of Queretaro.

Just 40 minutes from the capital of Queretaro, there is a huge plateau where the special conditions for the harvest of vine and wine production and raising of livestock that have been placing the state as one of the most recommended places for tourism wine and gastronomy nationwide.

The visit to the Magical Towns of Queretaro is one of the main destinations for local and national tourism, Tequisquiapan is particularly a busy place due to the production of its handicrafts, and for being the headquarters of the National Fair of Cheese and Wine, a of the largest celebrations in the region that unites all the wine and dairy producers in the region.

A few minutes from Tequisquiapan, Cavas Bocanegra, the house of Quesos Néole, developed a tour package to enjoy all the riches that surround this ancient Magic Town, a tour designed exclusively for those who enjoy nature, country life and equestrian , while knowing the taste of cheeses and wines that define the region.

Cavas Bocanegra offers a special experience that begins about 12 kilometers from its headquarters, Villa Ecuestre Cari Fratelli, creator of Riding in Tequis, with a ride of more than 2 hours through roads that cross fields and plots, alfalfa sowings , peaches and a small dam that form perfect landscapes to contemplate, take photos and learn from the rural life of the area, accompanied by the best trained staff of Villa Ecuestre Cari Fratelli, who know the place perfectly.

Riding in Tequis¸ in addition to providing this tour with the best horses, and those best suited to you, not only take care of guiding you through this plateau to Cavas Bocanegra, but it gives you the basic knowledge and confidence necessary to ride if it's the first time you do it: here you do not take the staff guiding the reins of your equine; here you are the owner of your own experience.

These tours, that is to say, are not designed exclusively for you to enjoy as a couple, as a family, or with friends; The equestrian experience is also designed to complement business coaching courses, in which the ride is not the only benefit, but the small personal changes that the right horse generates in a positive way.


But if this is not enough, this journey on horseback could not end better than under the shade and the cool atmosphere of Bocanegra Cavas terraces, where you can relax your muscles and add to your visual experience of the landscapes, the experience of the flavor of the Néole cheeses and the wines of the region. This extensive, but pleasant tour, is finally accompanied by an excellent tasting guided by the Cane Bocanegra team, from the explanation of the production of their cheeses - while you watch their ripening cava - to the best suggestions to combine and exploit the flavor of the Néole cheeses, the taste of the house: you can discover the intensity of the flavors of the soft and mature cheeses, with the ideal companions like the apple, the tie, the honey or the olive.

Thus, the appetite opens up. That is why this tour closes with an excellent meal on the upper terrace of Bocanegra. Pizzas and hamburgers; salads and soups; Desserts and a mezcal -or Queretaro craft beer- can not be better to finish with a real walk through what you find in Tequisquiapan, in the wine region of Querétaro.


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