The Magical Town of San Sebastián Bernal is one of the places that receives more tourists in the state of Querétaro, with the purpose of knowing the great Peña that symbolizes it and enjoying the picturesque streets full of handicrafts as well as traditional food stalls; however, you can find other options that offer you a deeper view of this site, such as Ecoturismo Los Cuervos, which combines the different attractions of Bernal to give you a pleasant experience during your visit.


Property of Edgardo Trejo, Los Cuervos Ecotourism is a touristic company that has been in constant development until it has become a true tourist agency in the area, offering you unconventional tours through the Peña de Bernal to walks through some of the vineyards that make up the well-known Route of Art, Cheese and Wine of this Queretaro region.


At the base of the Peña de Bernal, Ecoturismo Los Cuervos has its offices and several 4x4 Bobcats where you will enter a little-seen part of the third largest monolith in the world, to a different perspective through the entertaining explanations that guides like Don Simplicio or Benito are giving in different points of the route.


The path can not be more comfortable than with the wide path traced through the trees that give shade to refresh the heat of the normally open skies of the semi-desert of Queretaro. Designed by Edgardo Trejo in 2002, the vast expanse of land inherited by his grandmother was transformed into a natural park adorned with small gardens of cacti and millenary detachments of the great Rock that keep in their interior the memory of the ancient Otomi jonaces and pames who inhabited the region hundreds of years ago, because they still show remains of cave paintings that were made while they took refuge in them.


At one of the points of the tour, you will learn about the town of San Sebastián Bernal and its foundation from a viewpoint that covers about 80 percent of the town and beyond, a perfect landscape to take some photographs and even reflect while contemplating the panorama that opens before your eyes.


The path takes you through the hillside of La Peña, not only with your companions and a prepared guide, but also with the flora and fauna of the region, as well as characters from the rural and mythical life of Bernal, represented in a variety of iron sculptures that make the tour a truly original walk among the Peña, to which is added the possibility of getting a smoke clean of the copal to ward off bad vibes from the hand of a traditional doctor.


This safari ends on the right side of the Peña de Bernal, where you can observe the colossal monolith from a completely different perspective, that you will undoubtedly want to share with your acquaintances to visit it.


After the trip, Ecoturismo Los Cuervos offers other possibilities to continue your visit to the Magical Town of Bernal, and among them is to eat at the El Mezquite restaurant, a place that is immediately recognized by the old 600-year-old tree that gives it its name to the place and a magnificent leftover terrace where you can enjoy, from a traditional gorditas to a delicious chile en nogada, served by an excellent service.


This restaurant is one of the oldest in the town with about 20 years of having opened its doors to tourism that visits Bernal. The place is not only recommended for the taste of its Mexican cuisine, but also for supporting photographers and artists with their spaces to exhibit their works, as well as to enjoy an evening or a fresh afternoon with a bottle of a sweet wine from El Mezquite, from a vineyard in the community of Villa Progreso, or an extensive drink menu to close a pleasant visit that, now you know, you can enjoy again as many times as you want with Ecoturismo Los Cuervos.


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