To come to Querétaro is to recover moments of the history of our country while living the advance of one of the most important states in Mexico in recent years.

Streets drawn almost five hundred years ago; natural enclosures rediscovered for your visit; imposing colonial buildings, traditional dances and festivals of international stature, are just elements that make the state is the first tourist destinations in the interior of the country.

Soon it has become the habit of any traveler to come across the development of a growing enology in its hundreds of hectares devoted to the production of wine in the central area of ​​the state of Querétaro, which has gained recognition from experts in the field internationally, as happened at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2018, of select Mexican wines, with tasters from China, the United States, France, Spain, among others.

With almost thirty houses dedicated to the enjoyment of this millenary activity, the semi-desert of Queretaro provides you with spaces worthy of the palate and the demanding taste, each of them with the purpose of granting irreplaceable experiences to lovers of wine libations in the right place.

The varieties of its grapes (Syrah, Merlot, Tempranillo, Malbec, White Sauvignon, Chardonnay etc.) provide the visitors of these vineyards with a cheerful effervescent of the pleasant moments when walking the vines at the hands of experts; to taste the different tonalities of the flavors between the palate and admire the majestic blue skies that loom along the landscape, which, in some places, are completed with the natural enigma of the most representative monolith of Queretaro, the Peña de Bernal.

The range of experiences is varied, each vineyard offers you its own pleasure. From those cozy and cool constructions for the midday heat - or warm lights for more intimate occasions -, to pleasant walks between the aroma of the earth and the wood that lines the barrels in their cellars; from the brand-new dishes of its restaurants to the cheeses and cold meats to pair your glass, to the best landscapes for the backgrounds of your profile photos, the vineyards of Queretaro create unique memories.

For the delight
For those who enjoy a good wine, surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere and a comfortable space, enjoy between pleasant friendships or between the smiles of a companion, Vinícola Tequisquiapan, Bodegas Vaivén, Cava 57, Tierra de Peña, Paso de Sierra, Bodegas of Cote, Vinícola Tierra de Alonso, as well as the Azteca or Vinos del Marqués vineyards, are an excellent option to taste an excellent variety of wines and add the journey through their lands and production processes.

Events and special moments.
If you are one of the people looking for the perfect outdoor space to celebrate your daughter's wedding or your own, gather the whole family for your anniversary or just to celebrate your birthday in a different way - or where you could also spend the night to end with an evening together with your partner-, under the unique atmosphere of calm offered by the vineyards and that particular atmosphere of rustic buildings that combine with elegance and modernity, Hacienda Amazcala, Viña del Cielo, Hacienda Atongo, Hotel María and Bernardo, offer you a perfect alternative.

Tours and guided tours
However, the strong letter of Queretanas winemakers, -some with more history than others, such as the case of Viñedos la Redonda, with more than forty years in the state producing wines; or those of Freixenet, although more recent, highlighted by its artisanal wines- is to grant its visitors the incomparable experience of the tour through its vineyards, guided by true sommeliers who explain at every step the details of the land and the processes that result in a grape with its own characteristics that distinguish its wines from others in the region and the world.

Finca Sala Vivé, Vinos del Marqués, Viñedos los Rosales, Vinícola San Patricio or Viñedos la Redonda, are some of the places whose wines represent, beyond their flavors, the appreciation of their manufacture in a geography as special as that of the area central semi-desert of Querétaro, because the climate of the zone is special, because the places that surround the vineyards, and of which they are part, seem to complement the body of the wine that you drink during the tour while you learn characteristics of the grape and the instrumentation which is required to create quality wines, as they have been cataloged and those of Queretaro origin.

A step through the wine houses of Queretaro is the right marriage for those who dare to choose it as a tourist or resting destination, the marriage to enjoy the passage through its central landscapes, its magical towns and its colonial streets, coupled with the pleasure of contemplating those living aspects in the center of an economic development without equal in the country.

Although you would like more information about the wineries in the state and their events, you can visit the website of the Association of Viticulturists of Querétaro at, where you can find direct links to the pages of the wine producing houses here mentioned.

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