Learn about the traditions, customs and roots of our native peoples.
It was on April 18, 2018 that the Amealco Artisan Doll, better known as the Otomi rag doll, was named as a cultural heritage; it represents the tradition, customs and roots of our native peoples. The doll is an unrepeatable and special craft made by hand, mainly by women from the communities of San Ildefonso Tultepec and Santiago Mexquititlán of the Municipality of Amealco de Bonfil in Querétaro.
As an important fact, in Amealco the language of hñähñu is still preserved and the inhabitants wear their traditional clothing with prid
The dolls have become like a state craftsmanship with great impact within the Mexican Republic as an international way, which has motivated the municipality of Amealco to have a museum dedicated to them. Its origin is playful, for the smallest of the family and that is why their sizes range from 3 to 45 cm.
One of its characteristics is that the artisan women who make and dress the rag dolls are based on representing the notions of the human body, the gender roles and the social structure that exists within the indigenous communities.

amealco handmade dolls

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