Attention comics lovers! The CONQUE arrives again in Querétaro for its third edition on May 3, 4 and 5 at the Congress Center. Do not miss out on this amazing convention where it brings together the best personalities from comics, animation, film, television and more.

Through their networks they have been announced to some special guests who will delight the attendees of the convention with their great work; like for example Neal Adams, who is considered one of the key cartoonists in helping to define the image of the DC Comics character, Batman "The Knight of the Night". Another guest who has caught the attention of the public is Tom Grindberg, who has illustrated for Superman, Batman, X-Men, Avengers and recently with Tarzan.

In this great event, Spanish-speaking artists such as Tony Sandoval, Paco Roca, Ricardo Cucamonga and Sergio Aragonés, who have been recognized for their incredible talent both nationally and internationally, could not be absent. In addition, you will also enjoy the area of ​​"San Garabato" and Cosplay, where there will be a contest to discover which is the best characterization.

Tickets for this edition are two different: 3 DAY PASS ($ 830 *), where when you buy your ticket you have access to the three days of the event; GENERAL ($ 329 *), only valid to obtain access for one day. * Prices without surcharges.
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