The day of the Wedding of Andy & Neto the weather was perfect, not even a drop of rain and a radiant sun illuminating the vineyard at all times. The civil ceremony was in the Garden of Lavandas, where Carlos Gomez of Flower Florist Colors placed an arch of foliage and wild flowers that created a very romantic setting.

The guests arrived at De Cote after having accompanied the couple at the Catholic ceremony that took place in Tequis, in the beautiful parish of La Sagrada Asunción, which is right in the center of the beautiful magical town. The guests arrived happy and thirsty to start the celebration, so we soon received them with fresh water to quench their thirst as they passed to take a seat at the civil ceremony.

As we had planned from the church, the courtship formed in couples again entered, pretty girls dressed in lilac were the happy ladies of Andrea. The witnesses came in and finally the bride, wearing a fitted dress and full of lace, bare back and free smile.

As usual, the judge was waiting for them at the altar, ready with a book and pen in hand, but above all with the right words to make them understand both the bride and groom and all those present, the importance of the big step that Andy & Neto They were about to give. A commitment not only sentimental, but a legal commitment, the decision of a life together, accepting the responsibility of caring for each other and living in communion with their values ​​and beliefs.

On June 2, 2018, Andrea Meléndez and Ernesto Vizcaíno were legally named husband and wife, having as witnesses their closest friends and the most beautiful vineyard in the region. The applause was heard and all the guests walked together with the bride and groom to the Garden of the Lake where the waiters were waiting for them with glasses served with the refreshing Atempo Espumoso Brut and delicious canapés.

In the garden we arranged barrels of the winery, complementing with umbrellas and the guests could spend a pleasant moment of coexistence prior to reception. In the wind covers of the 80`s and 90`s were heard, the guitarist of group Mantekilla and his guitar the electric guitar became part of the beginning of the celebration.

While the guests took the opportunity to congratulate the bride and groom and take pictures, the De Cote planning team assigned tables in a very original way. A vintage table was placed and subtle cardboard boxes were made that looked like they were made of lace and inside they carried a delicious macaroon of red fruits of Tatarará Pastelería, without a doubt a sweet welcome and a nice way to indicate to the guests their table number.

Soon the cocktail time passed and the guests took their seats, long tables with foliage guides that hung to the floor awaited them, all the decoration in white and green, elegant and with a funny touch in pink baby tone left them paused, enjoying the moment. On the dance floor a lamp of diamond-shaped figures and hanging foliage to crown the celebration that would last until 3:00 am illuminated by the experts of Ambar Lighting.

And suddenly the applause, the bride and groom celebrating on the illuminated track and singing one of their favorite songs, the butter group had fulfilled their dream and they were ready ready to start with the fun, with the unforgettable moments and with the recount of all the challenges who took them until that day ...

The banquet was delicious, chosen by the bride and groom previously during the menu test, fungal mushroom soup to whet the appetite, sealed tuna second-hand, which was very suitable for the climate and sublime desserts in flavor and presentation, being Le Cuisine the responsible for taking care of every detail brought to the table.

The wine did not stop serving, we even had to add a few more bottles to the initial order, as the guests wanted to taste and accompany their food at all times for the wines chosen by the couple, the elixir of De Cote, Atempo Sauvignon Blanc and Inédito Tinto Roble always accompanied the dishes and were present at each toast.

The couple and the guests enjoyed it so much that sooner than desired they realized that the sun was hidden, the night took over the vineyard and the ideal time for fireworks arrived. The starry sky now adorned with chrysanthemums and sparks of colors ended the end of a beautiful celebration and the beginning of a new love story. If you are looking for this perfect pairing, you will definitely find it in the vineyard.

Escrito por Catherina Castrejón.

Maridaje en De Cote