Despite my profession as a lawyer, I discovered that my real passion was another ... weddings!

It was an important moment in my career, in a management position of the largest airline in the country, however, I made the decision to undertake and pursue my dream, I chose to devote my time and my life to the place that has given me so much satisfaction and that I love deeply ... Soul of Water!

Why is it called Alma de Agua?
Tequisquiapan is part of the semi desert of Queretaro, so apparently there is not much water in sight, however, it has always been characterized by its thermal waters and its great richness of this vital liquid in the subsoil, so even if you do not notice it At first, the land of Tequisquiapan has "Alma de Agua"

Why should you choose Alma de Agua to make your wedding and not another space in Querétaro?
Alma de Agua was planned to enjoy your event to the fullest, beautiful gardens, living room with chimneys for cold season, vineyard and above all has luxurious facilities prepared specifically for events. You can feel the tranquility of the countryside and its beautiful views but with facilities that you would have in a cosmopolitan city anywhere in the world, in general, we are a completely different option to most of the state offer ... We do not follow fashions, we set trends. We offer a comprehensive product for destination weddings, from alleyways and break ice a day before, to lunches and activities the day after the wedding, we achieved a high memorability in your guests by spending a weekend to enjoy our beautiful magical town of Tequisquiapan , we always say ... "If you are going to move your guests from their city of origin, make it worthwhile"!

Why did you choose Tequisquiapan as a destination to fulfill your dream of having a space for weddings?
At the time we did a market study and we evaluated options in different states of the Republic, of course Querétaro and Bernal, so as not to make the decision only with our hearts, however, we were looking for a place where we would sooner or later want to live and We consider that Tequisquiapan has everything! Closeness to our main markets Mexico City and Querétaro, magic, infrastructure, activities to offer an integral tourist product when making Destination Weddings. Tequisquiapan has beauty, traditions, craftsmanship and everything you need to become the number one destination of Destination Weddings without a beach in the country.

How many destination weddings do you do in about a year?
Approximately 35 of the weddings that we carry out annually are Destination Weddings and in the majority, foreigners intervene.

What cities do you have much more destination weddings?
Mexico City is undoubtedly our main client, however, we serve many destinations such as Monterrey, Torreón, Tijuana, Tamaulipas, Toluca, Guanajuato and Morelia.

What news does Alma de Agua expect us to know for this 2019?
Next year a great evolution for Alma de Agua is approaching. We are about to unveil the vineyard that we designed specially created for events, you can really do your ceremony inside the vineyard and it is an area that your guests can enjoy at all times. There is also a renewal of image, as well as a new section with an independent vineyard, cava and space for food open to the public.

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