Can you imagine having a single application on your smartphone that gives you information automatically and in real time of the place where you are; a shopping plaza, a restaurant, a museum, the historic center of the city, a hospital, an amusement park, a government agency, etc.?

It is already possible! quandoInfo is a mobile application based on IoT technology (the Internet of Things) that will allow you to live an interactive experience with your environment.

The app works with beacons. Beacons are sensors that emit a detectable signal by smartphones and tablets through a Bluetooth connection. When entering the coverage area of ​​the beacon, the application quandoInfo shows the user information related to the place. How to download it?

1.- Download the QuandoInfo app on your smartphone. Available on Android (Play Store) and iOS (App Store). By scanning the QR code, we facilitate the search of the application.

2.- Activate the Bluetooth of your smartphone.

3.- Enter the application. If you have an Android smartphone press the SEARCH button to start exploring nearby sites. If you have an iOS smartphone, just enter the application and you will be ready to start receiving the information

If you are in Querétaro, visit the Tourist Assistance office and receive the necessary information to download the application on your smartphone.

With quandoinfo you can:
Save in your smartphone all the information that is of your interest, taking it with you in a digital format that you can consult as many times as you want.

Share the information through any means of communication that your smartphone has (Mail, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.)

Interact with the information you are receiving. Leaving a comment, asking something specific, etc.

Live an interactive experience!


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