May sportsmanship never die! We still have many miles to go.

For those of us who choose running, we know that in addition to bringing multiple benefits to health, it has become a lifestyle full of challenges, which has led us to improve both physically and mentally.

A few years ago this activity has become more popular and the races or marathons have become a celebration capable of taking us to live unforgettable experiences, such as filling each color with each kilometer traveled, enjoying a concert when reaching the finish line or simply finishing our goal in the company of a loved one.

For those who have not yet started this adventure, we can tell you that this 2018 is worth including in your list of purposes, each kilometer is an achievement and a new experience.

Start your training at the track of Querétaro 2000 and discover your progress in a race throughout the year. At first it may cost a bit of work but perseverance will make you better each time.

We suggest you start with the XTrail Challenge in Pinal de Amoles, which will be held on February 17 and promises an adventure through the Sierra Gorda that you surely do not want to miss.

Are you ready to run in 2018? In what kilometer do we see each other?

xtrail race in the sierra gorda queretana